We live in an ever changing world. Every day people become increasingly more reliant on technology. Most people, including myself, cannot go a day without using a smartphone, a computer, or a television. It is through these mediums that we stay connected and updated.

This fact has been a powerful force on the journalism profession. In order to continue its existence, the industry must constantly change and adapt. A major factor of this is incorporating multimedia. Journalists must understand and use multimedia in their reporting or they will fail.

Quite honestly, if I see a journalism piece that consists solely of written word, I am bored. This is because we are flooded with photos, videos, and even memes. There are platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that I am much more likely to be interested in than a newspaper, magazine, or sometimes even broadcast news. Because of this journalists must be able to format pieces that will work well on all of these different platforms.

I believe journalism is an important profession that will always be needed. However, I think the future will see journalism becoming less about the strength of a reporter’s writing and more about how well they can engage their audience through interesting multimedia. I think that the internet will be the main platform for journalists for a long time, but they should be able to use all social media and keep up with any new technology.

The journalists that will have the most success will be those that are always striving to create multimedia projects that are new and different. For example, if you want to show data, you should be creating an interactive graphic. Audiences no longer want to just see statistics and numbers written out.

Pitchfork’s feature story Bat for Lashes is an example of how journalists are already incorporating multimedia in new ways.


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